Jael Hoffmann 

I have long been aware of the discrepancy between how I was affected by things, and who I was. This gap seemed un-bridgeable, but along with the emotional toll of such a schism, there existed a deeply rooted desire to evolve this predicament. Most of my work reflects the dichotomy of suffering: the acceptance of certain lies, while rejecting the pain of their existence. A tension that, as I found out, IS bridgeable, through connection with, and attention to that primal knowledge about what feels right, and what doesn't (truthful sensing) --with acceptance, trust, and love. And throw in some humor, for goodness sake.

In the past, I worked in Brass, Copper, and Silver, on jewelry and miniature sculptures. Then the dimensions of my work grew, with the realization that size matters. There is one sculpture garden, inhabited by my larger work, in Olancha, CA.




Contact me at: jaelhoff@gmail.com



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