Desert Solitude Producer/Director A web tv series on the magic, marvels and mysteries of the Southwest deserts

Jael Hoffmann is a sculptor who lives in Olancha CA. Her lifestyle is one that revolves around solitude and creativity. You can learn a lot about yourself by listening to her and experiencing her art. Jael grew up and was educated in Berlin, Germany and came to the High Mojave Desert by way of Los Angeles. She is a kind person who knows her inner self well. 

If you drive up the 395 North towards Bishop, stop off at her Sculpture Garden. She may come out and talk with you, and you will be glad she did. 



Interview at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, California:


Article on the KCET Artbound website about my work, by writer/historian/educator/Inyo County Film Commissioner Chris Langley.

Interview with Frankie Stockman, The Troubled Artist.

Interview with, Riot Materialonline literary-cultural magazine, with an eye on art.

Interview with Latigo Coffee Roasters.

Interview with That Adventure Life, online blog.

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